ARTHUB is an online commercial platform affiliated with Black & White Gallery/Project Space, Brooklyn, NY.

Black & White Gallery was founded in New York in 2002. From the start, the Gallery has been committed to cultivating promising artists in the initial and more advanced phases of their careers exploring contemporary themes and concepts through multiple mediums.The Gallery's original location was a unique industrial indoor/outdoor ground floor space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - the breeding ground of emerging talent at that time. From 2006 to 2010 Black & White Gallery operated from two locations - Williamsburg and Chelsea. In 2010 the Chelsea location was closed and not-for-profit Black & White Project Space was established. From 2010 to 2012 both the Gallery and Project Space operated side by side presenting simultaneous exhibition programs out of the Gallery's original indoor/outdoor location in Williamsburg. In 2015, after a two-year hiatus, Black & White Gallery / Project Space settled in Bushwick, Brooklyn - the current creative hub of New York City and and continues to experiment with different exhibition modules in its current space and beyond.