Shimon Okshteyn: The Tie


The Tie, 2003
Acrylic on canvas
90 × 56 in | 228.6 × 142.2 cm

© Shimon Okshteyn Estate
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“Okshteyn, separated by time and space from the Russian modernists of the twenties and leaving behind the French inspired academic approaches of expressionism, produces a different impression of life around him. He is like a tree, which is uprooted by forces beyond his control, the storms of our times; but his roots are strong, imbedded in his art, and transplanted, grows and gives fruit. He is an artist who gets stronger, his vision clear, a hidden intellectual who observes the world around him and shows it in his metamorphoses. He is not ethnic art, not Russian, nor local, but international in scope and understanding.”       ___Emil G. Schnorr, Conservator, G.W.V. Smith Art Museum, Springfield, MA

Courtesy Black & White Gallery/Project Space
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