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    Jesus Christ, 2022

    Tempera on wood from ammunition boxes abandoned by Russian soldiers on battle fields near Kyiv and rescued by Ukrainian deminers.

    61 x 36.5cm | 24 x 14.4 in

    Icon as an art form was born with the birth of Jesus Christ depicting His life against the Old Testament ban on images. Icon became the testimony of life, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In our case, the emphasis of testimony is transferred from the theological and liturgical contexts to the context of witnessing the horrors of the Russian-Ukrainian war.The boards on which the icons are painted become silent witnesses of this war, since they arrived from the front, and the faces of the saints turn into witnesses of the crimes committed by the aggressor. Jesus Christ is perceived as a judge who will judge crimes in Bucha, Borodyanka, Andreevka and other villages and cities of Ukraine. The cartridge box fragment on which the icon is painted belonged to the Russian military. In it, they kept weapons with which they killed the Ukrainians. Now the attribute of death has been turned into a symbol of life and resurrection - this is how the icon is perceived in many regions of Ukraine even today....

    © Olexander Klimenko

    Icons on Ammunition Boxes is a conceptual project by Ukrainian artists Sonia Atlantova and Olexander Klimenko launched in 2014. Icons painted on fragments from Russian ammunition boxes from the war zone in Ukraine serve as silent war witnesses and at the same time symbols of victory of life over death. From September 2015, this project has been supporting The First Volunteer Mobile Hospital named after Mikola Pirogov, the largest private hospital in Ukraine fully operational during the current war helping the army and civilian population. more