Shimon Okshteyn


Shimon Okshteyn | Woman in Purple | Limited Edition Inkjet Print | 42"x47"

However that may be, as to the sociological or even symbolic truth of Shimon
Okshteyn’s works, one cannot emphasize strongly enough how terrifying the beauty of
these very modern sirens is used with cold efficiency and icy precision which about 50
years ago characterized such German artists as Otto Dix, Raderscheidt or Christian Schad
of the Neue Sachlichkeit movement. Such comparison for my part is not intended as a
reproach, far from it. Artists from the Weimar republic were also confronted with a
profoundly demoralizing world which some among them thought to denounce by the
impeccable precision of their style. In fact, they did more than that. Like Shimon
Okshteyn today, they light up for us the depth of the human heart. ___José Pierre, Paris, 1985

Edition: 25

Produced by Shimon Okshteyn Estate.
©Shimon Okshteyn Estate