• Sonia Atlantova | Saint Demetrius of Thessalonica


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    Saint Demetrius of Thessalonica, 2022

    Tempera & gold leaf on wood from Russian ammunition boxes rescued by Ukrainian soldiers from battlefields near Kyiv.

    40x35cm / 15.7x13.8 inches

    Saint Dmitry on a horse defeating the enemy is painted in red tones traditionally associated with war. Now, when the war has come to Ukraine, the Ukrainians realized how incredibly important it is to have a strong army. This iconography is associated with the legend of a miracle of St. Dmitry saving the city of Thessaloniki from the enemy invasion by killing their leader. What the Ukrainian military has done so far also looks like a miracle.

    © Sonia Atlantova

    Icons on Ammunition Boxes is a conceptual project by Ukrainian artists Sonia Atlantova and Olexander Klimenko launched in 2014. Icons painted on fragments from Russian ammunition boxes from the war zone in Ukraine serve as silent war witnesses and at the same time symbols of victory of life over death. From September 2015, this project has been supporting The First Volunteer Mobile Hospital named after Mikola Pirogov, the largest private hospital in Ukraine fully operational during the current war helping the army and civilian population.