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Two birds are painted on a pink wall.

Yuri Krasny: Oh, My Sweet Birds_nfs

A painting of a child with blonde hair.

Yuri Krasny: Vera

A painting of a man and his dog

Yuri Krasny: Venomous Gentleman

Three women sitting at a table with a wine glass.

Yuri Krasny: Trinity of the Vain

A painting of a woman with a bird on her hand.

Yuri Krasny: The Song of Friendship

A painting of a bird with an owl in the background.

Yuri Krasny: The Forlorn Dove

A painting of a woman holding a flower

Yuri Krasny: Rosy Prankster

A painting of a baby doll with a blue face

Yuri Krasny: Pleasure of Psychosis