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A painting of people sitting on the ground

Carly Silverman: Lazy Sunday

A painting of a boy in white clothes

KK Kozik – SOLD

A black and white photo of an old corkscrew.

Shimon Okshteyn — SOLD

A painting of a house in the middle of a field

KK Kozik— SOLD

A white object is hanging from the ceiling.

Roberley Bell — SOLD

A painting of an orange and black square

Julian Montague — SOLD

A painting of two different colors on top of each other.

Julian Montague – SOLD

A picture frame with some type of painting in it

Jack Henry

A round picture of someone 's hands on the ground.

Diana Schmertz


Michael Krondl — SOLD

A glass of wine and some white substance on the table.

Adam Niklewicz

A painting of a coffee pot with the words " i can smell my neighbor 's coffee ".

Stephanie Brody-Lederman