Julian Montague: The Stray Shopping Cart System | Class B True Strays | B12


The Stray Shopping Cart Identification System | Class B True Strays | B12, 2006
Digital print on paper mounted on Sintra board, laminated
24 x 31 in

© Julian Montague

Montague’s work has always functioned in multiple ways. Like a Weegee of retail detritus, he has become adept at documenting his subjects as though they were the splayed remains of some lurid crime scene. They are solid and often beautiful documents that hum with a dramatic realism, whether crushed, half-buried in snow, or submerged beneath murky waters. And while not quite anthropomorphized, they contain a certain residue of the human—they encourage speculation about their origins, their original usage, their unexpected journeys, and their often untimely ends.

Courtesy Black & White Gallery/Project Space
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