Liset Castillo: Violet


Pain Is Universal But So Is Hope (Violet), 2007
C-print mounted on Aluminum
70 x 92 in

© Liset Castillo

Castillo’s photographic series ‘Pain Is Universal But So Is Hope’ documents the construction of a fictitious city, a utopian microcosm where particular aspects of different cultures converge and fuse in the universal experience of creation and destruction.

By focusing on the metaphoric use of materials, the belief in metamorphosis, and the relationship between action and its documentation, Castillo condenses the narrative into sculptural dimensions – using her signature sand – to extrapolate in space what she explores in time through sculptural articulation of historical landmarks separated by generations and geography but sharing a complex social narrative. The photographic series encapsulates eight sequences from a specific “state of change”, with each photograph documenting continual processes of decay, destruction and regeneration, all symbols of transformation. Each photograph also has a different background color – from white to the seven colors of the rainbow – bearing the insignia of that specific “state of change”.


Courtesy Black & White Gallery/Project Space
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