Meighan Gale: Balancing Act #2


Balancing Act #2, 2006
Gelatin silver print
30 x 36 in

© Meighan Gale

“I am interested in techniques that catalog movement and the body’s many ranges. The subject of my photographs is the split second between tension and relaxation, suspension and release, when all action is controlled. Rather than freeze motion, the photographs preserve moments of equilibrium that immediately afterward become a memory, one moment in the everyday negotiation of play and work, childhood and maturity, past and future. My work is an ongoing attempt to distill a gestural alphabet from the vocabulary of daily movement; including family life and the navigation of domestic space, landscape and exercise, and the improvisational gestures of expression and communication. These positions, angles, and rest points are embedded in what is necessarily unique to each of us – a personal language of the body – with all its reflexes, mannerisms, tics, and habits.” ____ Meighan Gale

Courtesy Black & White Gallery/Project Space
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