Shimon Okshteyn: Catspaw


Catspaw, 1986
Oil on canvas
54 × 41 in | 137.2 × 104.1 cm

© Shimon Okshteyn Estate
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“Some men are so made that for them women provide a constant spectacle. Shimon Okshteyn is such a man. And so it is that those women who contrive to reinforce their powers of seduction would inevitably attract the attention of a man who watches women and who is an artist! Besides, how can an artist worthy of that name not observe women? Have they not been since the beginning of time as much a lesson in the art of inciting the look of another, be it that of their own rivals, as in the art of using forms and colors.”  ___José Pierre, Paris

Courtesy Black & White Gallery/Project Space
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